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Join us for a fireside chat with Professor Rebecca Willett to kick off the CDAC Rising Stars in Data Science workshop. Hear from one of the leading experts on AI and data science about how to navigate early careers in data science, how to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and what’s on the horizon for data science research.

Moderated by Julia Hanson (PhD Candidate, Computer Science)

Willett Bio: My research interests include signal processing, machine learning, and large-scale data science. In particular, I have studied methods to leverage low-dimensional models in a variety of contexts, including when data are high-dimensional, contain missing entries, are subject to constrained sensing or communication resources, correspond to point processes, or arise in ill-conditioned inverse problems. This work lies at the intersection of high-dimensional statistics, inverse problems in imaging and network science (including compressed sensing), learning theory, algebraic geometry, optical engineering, nonlinear approximation theory, statistical signal processing, and optimization theory. My group has made contributions both in the mathematical foundations of signal processing and machine learning and in their application to a variety of real-world problems. I have active collaborations with researchers in astronomy, materials science, microscopy, electronic health record analysis, cognitive neuroscience, precision agriculture, biochemistry, and atmospheric science.

This public event is part of the CDAC Rising Stars in Data Science workshop, an event for celebrating and fast tracking the careers of exceptional data scientists at a critical inflection point in their career: the transition from PhD to postdoctoral scholar, research scientist, or tenure track position. 


Rebecca Willett

Faculty Director of AI, Data Science Institute; Professor, Statistics, Computer Science, and the College

Julia Hanson

2020 Summer Lab Coordinator


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