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A Fortune magazine list of “10 data science and business analytics courses that should be on every executive’s radar” featured the UChicago Data Science Institute course, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders. The course, taught by DSI Senior Director of Industrial Partnerships and Strategy Greg Green with Nalini Polavarapu and Utku Pamuksuz, introduces industry managers and leaders to statistical inference, machine learning, and other emerging technologies to smoothly integrate AI into their organizations.

Fortune reporter Sydney Lake wrote:

New data, devices, social interactions, and other tech advances—along with new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are now becoming “integral to business in almost every industry today rather than incremental or a nice-to-have solution,” Greg Green, one of the course developers and instructors at the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders, tells Fortune.

During this eight-week online program geared toward managerial-level professionals, participants learn the basics of data science, data-driven decision making, the future of AI, as well as data ethics. Managers can use this program to advance their careers in AI and data science. According to Glassdoor, chief technology officers earn, on average, a $170,000 base pay rate in the U.S.

The UChicago course is also unique for featuring instruction in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English. The course is made up of self-paced interactive learning modules and assignments, synchronous sessions and live question and answer sessions with mentors and instructors. Graduates are equipped with the skills to create a strategy for their organization that makes use of AI to accomplish business goals, build a team for success in an AI world, choose the best areas for early stage development, and understand how to scale AI solutions.

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