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The Data Science Institute offers courses that empower researchers, industry, government, and the public with the information and tools to meet the opportunities and challenges of the data revolution. Each course provides holistic, foundation-based approach to data science focused on evergreen topics that can be applied to new and evolving situations. Subjects are taught through application of foundational techniques to real-world use cases, datasets, and business challenges, in an innovative online format that transcends the traditional online training experience by providing access to interdisciplinary data science experts from business to healthcare to public policy

Past Courses

Machine Learning For Cybersecurity (Spring 2021)

Many organizations now use machine learning in their operations but have not yet realized the potential of these approaches for cybersecurity. Researchers at the Data Science Institute (DSI) at the University of Chicago develop and study data-driven methods for applied cybersecurity, including machine learning defenses against data breaches, fraud, and other threats. From identifying backdoors in neural networks to automatically detecting malware, stolen accounts, or network attacks, machine learning offers essential new protections for businesses and individuals.

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