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Join us for a fireside chat with Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and Nick Feamster, Neubauer Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago to discuss what businesses, governments, and researchers need to know about operationalizing AI in the real world (and why it is different than traditional software). They will focus on the state of the field both in academia and industry and where they see opportunities for innovation.

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and big data have the potential to significantly advance science, healthcare, technology, and industry over the next decade. Despite the immense possibilities, many machine learning techniques present barriers to entry that make them difficult, if not prohibitive to implement, deploy, and maintain for all but the very largest cloud providers and content delivery networks.

Research groups, municipal governments, small businesses, and even Internet service providers report difficulty implementing and utilizing machine learning. Unlike traditional software, AI systems have unique properties that can become barriers when operationalizing a learning solution such as data acquisition and management, large-scale compute, storage costs, privacy, edge cases, and potential environmental impacts of training models. These constraints require new data architectures, machine learning algorithms, and fundamentally new business models to succeed. The discussion will also include practical advice for industry leaders, researchers, founders, and students to overcome or mitigate these challenges.  

Part of the CDAC 2021 Data & Technology Outlook Series, in collaboration with the Data Discovery Summit 

Many of the data science and computational tools that revolutionized the modern business landscape resulted from close collaborations between industry and academia. Tomorrow’s innovations are under construction today in R&D departments and university laboratories, where researchers develop solutions to the most pressing data challenges across fields. 

This year, the Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) at the University of Chicago presents a series of critical conversations between industry leaders and researchers pushing the frontiers of data science forward, presenting and discussing new tools in artificial intelligence, data analysis and discovery, security and privacy, that will define the next decade of data technology in science and industry. The Outlook series will provide a balanced understanding of the trends reshaping business and tech with the goal of translating hype into realistic predictions.


Martin Casado

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Nick Feamster

Faculty Director of Research, Data Science Institute; Neubauer Professor of Computer Science and The College


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