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DSI Summer Lab alumni Chimaobi Amanchukwu, Roma Bhattacharjee, Yujie Tao, and Isabele Vitório discuss their experience in the program and their subsequent academic and career activities. Moderated by Summer Lab research assistant Ranya Sharma.

This event is part of the DSI Summer Lab Speaker Series, and open to all Summer Lab participants and affiliates.


Chimaobi Amanchukwu

DSI Summer Lab Alum; Undergraduate, The University of Chicago (Formerly: High Schooler, George Bush High School)

Roma Bhattacharjee

DSI Summer Lab Alum; Undergraduate, Princeton University (Formerly: University of Chicago Laboratory Schools)

Yujie Tao

DSI Summer Lab Alum and Former Graduate Lab Coordinator; Microsoft Research Intern; Incoming PhD Student at Stanford University

Isabele Vitório

DSI Summer Lab Alum; Undergraduate, Minerva University

Ranya Sharma

DSI Summer Lab Research Assistant; (currently) High Schooler, Barrington High School; (incoming) Undergraduate, the University of Chicago