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DeepStyle remixes your world in real-time using famous artwork, trippy textures, and surreal everyday objects! Have you ever thought to yourself: “Little kitties* are so cuuute, I wish my world was made out of kitties”? WE TOO! And now you can, with DeepStyle.

DeepStyle is more than just a filter app, it uses powerful AI to infuse fresh style into your photos and videos on the fly. Now you can build your world with kitties’ cuteness times a hundred thousand. What? You are also a veggie lover? Tap the background of your photo. Kitties on veggie, or veggie on kitties, your choice. And just to ratchet it up another level, we threw in many other models including comics, stained glass, and Picasso (not the old man…his paintings.)

Built for your privacy – DeepStyle works directly on your device, never on secret servers, so your photos and videos ALWAYS stay safe with you (even if the big bad hairy Russians hack us). So go ahead, play with your new toy, we won’t see!

DeepStyle is built by artists, programmers, and researchers exploring the creative potential of generative systems and AI. We build deep neural networks for the real world. DeepStyle blends multiple networks to provide state-of-the-art style transfer in real-time.

Download DeepStyle in the Apple App Store. Read more about the CDAC-funded project that produced the app here.