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Arnab Bose, PhD, is a clinical associate professor and the online program director of the Master’s of Science in Analytics (MScA)program at the University of Chicago in Illinois. In a Q&A spotlight, the UChicago Physical Science Division asked Bose about his experiences at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), reflects on his academic and industry successes, and visions of the UChicago MScA graduate program.

You are the online program director for the UChicago Master’s in Analytics program. How would you describe the program to prospective students?

The online Master’s in Analytics program is a world-class online degree program with the same design, content, and instructors as our in-person program. The online program is geared for working professionals and students who want flexibility to balance the high-quality analytics education at University of Chicago with work and/or other commitments.

What are the program’s strengths?

The in-person analytics program is one of top programs in the world that has witnessed tremendous growth since inception in 2014 due to the quality of the student education. The online program provides the same experience in an online modality.

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