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Our partner featured DSI Summer Lab and its connection with the Capacity Accelerator Network, a consortium of education partners, including a broad network of minority-serving institutions, to amplify social impact through data science. The article talks to DSI senior director of outreach and chief of staff Mindi Mysliwiec and DSI software engineer Launa Greer as well as Fresno State master’s student Nathalie Valenzuela, who researched racial profiling in Chicago traffic stops as part of a Summer Lab project.

Across industries, around the world, in both the public and private sectors, emerging technologies are bringing innovation at record speeds. There is a growing understanding that data is critical for effective decision-making, and organizations of every kind, from healthcare startups to well-established NGOs, are collecting and analyzing data like never before.

The sophistication with which these entities are incorporating data into their decisions varies, but across the board, a persistent challenge has emerged: finding the talent with the skills and desire to maximize and make sustainable the meaningful use of data science.

But if you’re looking for a purpose-driven data professional, the University of Chicago (UChicago) may be a good place to start your search.

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