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DSI Summer Lab

A summer research opportunity for high school and undergraduate students focusing on rigorous, applied, interdisciplinary data science research and rooted in a cohort community.

Rising Stars in Data Science

A workshop focused on celebrating and fast tracking the careers of exceptional data scientists at a critical inflection point in their career: the transition from PhD student to postdoctoral scholar, research scientist, or tenure track position.

Civic Data & Technology Clinic

A program funded by the 11th Hour Project and the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN)  that connects students with organizations working in social and economic justice, sustainability, and climate change.

Data4All High School Bridge Workshop

A weeklong virtual workshop aimed at introducing high school students to data science research and lowering barriers for participating in computing.

11th Hour Project Hub

The DSI serves as a centralized hub for software and data science for grantees of the 11th Hour Project, which serves nonprofits in four main impact areas: energy, food and agriculture, human rights, and marine technology.