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The DSI serves as a centralized hub for software and data science for 11th Hour Project grantees. The 11th Hour Project, part of The Schmidt Family Foundation, serves nonprofits in four main impact areas: energy, food and agriculture, human rights, and marine technology. DSI research staff work to lower the barriers to mission-driven data science through education, consultation, project-based applications and collaboration. UChicago students have the opportunity to drive social and environmental impact through projects with 11th Hour grantees through the Data Science Clinic, DSI Summer Lab, and ongoing research collaborations.


David Uminsky joined the University of Chicago in September 2020 as a senior research associate and Executive Director of Data Science. He was previously an associate professor of Mathematics and Executive Director of the Data Institute at University of San Francisco (USF). His research interests are in machine learning, signal processing, pattern formation, and dynamical systems.  David is an associate editor of the Harvard Data Science Review.  He was selected in 2015 by the National Academy of Sciences as a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow. He is also the founding Director of the BS in Data Science at USF and served as Director of the MS in Data Science program from 2014-2019. During the summer of 2018, David served as the Director of Research for the Mathematical Science Research Institute Undergrad Program on the topic of Mathematical Data Science.

Before joining USF he was a combined NSF and UC President’s Fellow at UCLA, where he was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for outstanding postdoctoral research. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston University and a BS in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.

Launa is a software engineer II responsible for executing Data Clinic projects with student teams in conjunction with the 11th Hour Project, as well as internal projects for the DSI. She received her bachelor’s degree in the humanities at Princeton University and her master’s degree in Computational Analysis and Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the University, she worked as an adult education instructor and then as a software consultant at a Microsoft partner company.

Trevor is a Software Engineer II at the DSI. He helps social impact organizations to enhance their operations, research, and communication by utilizing software engineering and data science tools. His work focuses on agriculture, human rights, energy, and marine technology. Trevor also mentors student teams in the Data Science Clinic. Before DSI, Trevor worked as a research assistant at Argonne National Laboratory. Trevor has a BS in Computer Science from MIT.

Todd is a data scientist for the Data Science Institute. He works on projects associated with the 11th Hour Project and mentors student teams as part of the Data Science Clinic. Todd joined the DSI after completing an MS in Computer Science at the University of Chicago with a focus on data analytics. Todd is interested in both applying data science to scientific and social problems as well as theoretical machine learning. He also owns South Loop Strength & Conditioning, a gym in downtown Chicago, and holds a BA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.