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Haifeng Xu is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Data Science Institute at UChicago. He directs the Strategic IntelliGence for Machine Agents (SIGMA) research lab which focuses on designing algorithms/systems that can effectively elicit, process and exploit information, particularly in strategic environments. Haifeng has published extensively at leading venues in computational economics, machine learning and theoretical computer science, such as EC, ICML, NeurIPS, STOC and SODA. His research has been recognized by a few awards, including the IJCAI Early Career Spotlight, Google Faculty Research Award, ACM SIGecom Dissertation Award (honorable mention), IFAAMAS Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award (runner-up), and a few best paper awards.

The following research themes are the recent focus of Haifeng’s research lab. More details can be found at his lab website.

The economics of data and machine learning, such as acquiring/eliciting/selling/exploiting information and data

Machine learning in non-cooperative multi-agent environments under information asymmetry, incentive conflicts, and deception

Algorithmic foundations and applications of optimal information design