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Dr. Jeanne Century is the Director of Outlier Research & Evaluation and a Research Associate Professor. Century’s work has almost exclusively focused on advancing equity in education primarily through research-practice partnership arrangements in large and small urban school districts. During her 35-year career (including 17 at UChicago STEM Education at the University of Chicago) Century been the principal investigator of numerous federal and foundation research grants focusing on a range of topics including inquiry science instruction, computer science education, STEM schools and sustainability of reform. Century’s primary research focus is on understanding, measuring, and supporting education innovation implementation, spread and endurance through implementation science and component-based approaches. Century has also conducted numerous evaluations on out-of-school and in-school programs, district and state reform efforts, higher education, teacher preparation, and civic leadership. In addition to research, Century has developed instructional materials, supported professional learning efforts for teachers and administrators and has provided technical assistance and strategic planning for leaders at the school, district, and state levels. Century also has policy experience at all education system levels including serving on the Obama-Biden transition team where she was responsible for STEM education as well as the Department of Education Agency Review.