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Outlier Research & Evaluation is a team focused on bringing equity to education, with a focus on learners of all ages from groups historically underrepresented in STEM. Outlier has worked across boundaries of academic, public school, museum, industry and policy settings on numerous STEM education areas ranging from state-level STEM school policy to elementary school computer science. Outlier has a particular focus on understanding implementation, spread and endurance of educational innovations. In this work, Outlier uses implementation frameworks and component-based research approaches to generate knowledge about the parts of an innovation that work for whom, under what conditions and for how long. Outlier prioritizes applied research and evaluation conducted in partnership with practitioners and others who complement Outlier’s expertise with their own.

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Jeanne Century

Director, Outlier Research & Evaluation; Research Associate Professor

Stephen Baker

Senior Evaluation & Research Scientist, Outlier

Joanna Schiffman

Lead Research & Evaluation Associate, Outlier

Huifang Zuo

Research and Evaluation Associate, Outlier