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The University of Chicago Data Science Institute, Department of Statistics, Department of Computer Science, and Committee on Computational and Applied Mathematics are proud to announce our Autumn 2023 Distinguished Speaker Series. Join us Fridays at noon for stimulating talks from leading data science researchers exploring and expanding the fundamental methods and approaches that transform large and complex datasets into knowledge and action.

Events will take place in the John Crerar Library Building, Room 390, with a lunch social starting at noon before the lecture at 12:30 p.m. Full event details and registration information will be posted as talk details are added.

October 6: Maryam Fazel, University of Washington – “Flat Minima and Generalization in Learning: the Case of Low-rank Matrix Recovery

October 13: Adam Klivans, The University of Texas at Austin – “Testable Learning

November 3: Elizabeth Barnes, Colorado State University – “Explainable AI for Climate Science: Opening the black box to reveal planet Earth

November 10: Milind Tambe, Harvard University – “Integrating ML+Optimization: Driving Social Impact in public health and conservation

November 17: Q. Vera Liao, Microsoft Research – “Human-Centered AI Transparency