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Nick Kadochnikov is an Associate Clinical Professor at University of Chicago Data Science Institute as well as head of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology group at Harbor Global, where he is at the forefront of creating cutting-edge Generative AI tools and advanced tech solutions. These innovative capabilities assist law firms and corporate legal teams in enhancing their service quality, making legal processes more streamlined, accessible, and requiring less manual effort.

Before joining Harbor, Nick served as a Director of AI at William Blair, where he oversaw the development of advanced AI/ML capabilities and intelligent workflows to transform Investment Banking processes. Prior to that, Nick dedicated 20 years at IBM, successfully crafting AI solutions for a wide range of enterprise functions such as supply-chain, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, and legal. In his final role at IBM Watson Health Consulting, his main focus was on utilizing AI to address healthcare challenges, enhancing patient outcomes, elevating population health, and optimizing the efficiency of clinical trials.