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Since 2020, the Civic Data and Technology Clinic has launched fourteen clinic projects with external social impact organizations. These organizations support local communities through four key impact areas: food and agriculture, energy, human rights, and marine technology. The projects provided practical educational experiences to 47 students, in addition to two teaching assistants. Individual projects were scoped to last 10 weeks with students submitting final code changes and a 10 minute presentation video at the end of the quarter. Other deliverables included production code shared with the external clients, research papers, and the development of public facing web applications. In our inaugural year we supported projects of varying maturity, difficulty, and timeline requirements (1-4 quarters).

Project partners include Eureka RecyclingFracTracker AllianceHohonuInclusive Development InternationalSchmidt Ocean Institute, and United Nations Human Rights.

The Civic Data & Technology Clinic is funded by 11th Hour Project and the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN). Read more about the clinic here.

Civic Data & Technology Clinic Staff

Daniel Grzenda is a Staff Data Scientist supporting the partnership with the 11th Hour Project at the University. He engages with social impact organizations across the domains of energy, food and agriculture, human rights, and marine technology, to support applications of data and computer science. Daniel’s work is focused on increasing the data capacity of these organizations, lowering the barriers to mission driven data science, and empowering these organizations through the development of sustainable technical solutions.