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Armando Paukar, Managing Director,Tensility Venture Partners

Don Stalter, Partner, Global Founders Capital

Lei Shen, Partner, Cooley

Startups Presenting  

Echo Labs// Echo Labs is building the first AI capable of human-level transcription. Echo labs aims at making accessibility affordable for the ~6,000 US higher-ed institutions that need to caption their content.

Quail.AI// is a machine learning toolkit for small and midsize businesses as they transition to the AI-driven economy. The toolkit, a plug-and-play solution that minimizes infrastructure investment, integrates with any development pipeline and deployment environment.

RadioLogical.AI// RadioLogical.AI creates AI solutions to optimize educational programs in universities, provide continuous training, and enhance the performance of radiology residents and graduate radiologists in health centers.

Subconcious.AI// Subconcious.AI is developing a platform that enables users to measure demand, market share, and price elasticity for never-before-seen products and services. Users can perform segmentation, policy design, and messaging without surveys, focus groups, consultants, or big data.

nuTRAD// nuTRAD is a SaaS model AI infrastructure for commerce. The platform links brands, distributors, and retailers digitally – creating new trade paths and machine-driven processes that unlock value trapped by outdated, labor-intense rituals.

Ibis Computing// Ibis Computing is a GPUaaS compute trading house. It creates efficiency by optimally directing buyers to multi-cloud bare-metal compute, and GPU operators to jobs, reducing prices and streamlining scaling.

Markinson Patent Portal (MPP)// MPP’s platform uses data science, machine learning, and AI to examine millions of documents to identify, create, data populate, catalog, and value “Market-Tech Units.” Its mission is to revolutionize the patent industry by re-engineering and automating the process.