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The new Data Science Institute (DSI) executes the University of Chicago’s bold, innovative vision of Data Science as a new discipline by advancing interdisciplinary research, partnerships with industry, government, and social impact organizations, and holistic data science education. As of this fall, all Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) research, programs, and events have moved within the DSI. As part of that transition, the CDAC name has been retired.

When it launched in late 2018, CDAC was the first major step in the University’s long-term vision for data science. Its original charter was to create a campus hub for data science and artificial intelligence research. But through the remarkable work of the CDAC team, the center succeeded at much more, producing incredible programs in outreach and education while seeding dozens of interdisciplinary research projects and organizing events that established a data science community on campus.

That important progress laid a strong foundation for the the Data Science Institute. The DSI will build upon the activities CDAC established and expand our educational programs and external partnerships, while also adding several University units and many new members to our team. Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our mailing list for upcoming events and announcements from the DSI.