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Satadisha is a Preceptor focusing on data science education at the Data Science Institute of the University of Chicago, where she is working jointly with the City College of Chicago. She graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton, under the supervision of Prof. Weiyi Meng. 

Her research lies in the intersection of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. Her doctoral dissertation focussed on the problem of scalable Named Entity Recognition for Microblog Streams. To this end, her work involves applying and building state-of-the-art Deep Learning pipelines that yield more effective results for NLP tasks on microblog messages. 

She also briefly worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for the Content Growth and Moderation Team at Quora. 

In addition to her research, she had assisted the Department of Computer Science at SUNY Binghamton in teaching several graduate and undergraduate level courses. She is excited to continue her academic career and teaching journey in her role as a Preceptor. Outside her academic work, she spends time studying history, writing fiction and passionately supporting Liverpool Football Club. But mostly, she yearns for Kolkata!