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DSI Industry Affiliates Program

The DSI is setting the intellectual agenda for the field, an innovator and provider of data science education at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, and a catalyst to boldly engage outside the walls of the University through meaningful partnerships with industry, government and the community.

The mission of the DSI Industry Affiliates Program is to lower barriers to collaboration and encourage mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships. The program connects industry partners to data science research, emerging technologies, and talent acquisition opportunities.

The DSI industry affiliates program offers several levels of membership. To learn more please contact Mindi Mysliwiec, Director of Operations & Outreach, Data Science Institute,

Engage with the UChicago Clinic to solve data science challenges—and grow your team

The Data and Technology Clinic is an experiential project-based course where students work in teams as data scientists with real-world clients under the supervision of instructors. Affiliate members gain access to graduate-level student teams to work on data science projects, while students benefit from real world data science experience. Projects are integrated into a 10-week course with all deliverables overseen by the Clinic Director.

Clinic Benefits 

  • Data-driven analysis, insights, and recommendations
    • Original research and data analysis
    • Software prototypes 
    • Validation of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision approaches 
  • Fresh perspectives from top computer science, statistics, and machine learning students 
  • Projects are tailored & scoped to address company objectives
  • Increased awareness for company’s recruiting efforts at UChicago 

Clinic Approach 

  • Teams (2-4 students) focus on providing actionable insight and business value from data
  • Interdisciplinary teams include students from 5 graduate programs to solve complex problems from across the data science lifecycle 
  • Student teams are overseen by technical project managers and Clinic Director 
  • Projects are protected by a non-disclosure agreement and the sponsors retain rights to intellectual property developed by the team.

Invest in your team through data science professional education

Demand for professionals with expertise in machine learning, cybersecurity, and analytics is exploding. Designed for working professionals, DSI professional education programs provide an opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts through innovative virtual certificate programs or intensive in-person courses. All courses are taught by University of Chicago faculty and managed by DSI. Members will receive early access and discounted tuition on certificate programs.

Programs include topics such as: 

  • Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
  • Augmented Reality & Human Computer Interaction 
  • Applications of Deep Learning